Full Lengths.

Hannah + The Healing Stone
2 m / 4 w

There’s something afoot in Jenkintown. The guy who works at Marvin’s Aquarium has anger issues while the Woman who Lives in the Yellow House can’t see through the clutter she’s amassed. A screenwriting duo who haven’t seen each other in ten years attract and repel each other like magnets in a diner and the Chinese restaurant counter girl has a bad attitude and a hopeless crush. And then there’s Hannah. Hannah seems to be the only one who is hell bent on getting out of her hometown and onto something bigger, but Jenkintown has ideas of its own. – Reading produced by LineStorm Playwrights during Fertile Ground Festival, 2020
– Reading produced by LineStorm Playwrights in Laurelhurst Park, 2021
– World Premiere presented by terraNOVA Collective at the Drake Hotel’s Bluver Theater, 2022

1 m / 1 w

In this two-actor human comedy about the marriage between a gay man and a straight woman, Allen, a children’s television entertainer, and Jodie an anthropologist of sex and gender, have invited an audience to hear the story of their unique relationship. While playing themselves as well as the other characters in their lives, Allen and Jodie aim to prove that settling is just as good as settling down.– Finalist Lark Playwright’s Week
– NY Fringe, 2013
– Wide Eyed West, 2014
– Optioned by Fox for Series

Tar Baby
Co-written with Desiree Burch
1 w

Speaking to a growing majority of minority experiences in America, TAR BABY effortlessly weaves games, audiences, laughter and insight in an interactive carnival of Race & Capitalism–where no one’s a winner, but everyone’s still playing!-Off-Bway, Jake Platt Productions @ DR2, dir. Isaac Byrne
-Edinburgh Fringe Festival, dir. Melissa Crespo
-Winner! First Fringe Award
-Winner! Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award
-“Smart, refreshing and maybe even necessary” — The New Yorker

Dead Special Crabs
4 m / 3 w / 1 flex

In this wacky road-trip adventure that follows Loomer, his best friend June, Detective Horntub, Loomer’s Aunt Missy, and an unknown serial killer as they find misadventure after misadventure. While the play does get nuttier and nuttier, and darker and darker, the characters get deeper and deeper and eventually find themselves confronting new levels of their own lives and humanity.-Full Production, Wide-Eyed Productions @ The Barrow Group Theatre, dir. Kristin Skye Hoffmann
-Reading, Fundamental Theatre Project @ Symphony Space, dir. Sam Underwood
-Winner, Peter Shaffer Award, 2018
-Monologues Published in “Smith and Krau Best Monologues ” Men & Women’s…

the old forever new things
3 w / 1 m

Beth Reznick is the most progressive, bleeding heart liberal Jewish lesbian you’ll ever meet. When Doris, a white traffic-cop, accidentally spills a cup of coffee on her black girlfriend’s laptop, rather than take her girlfriend’s side, she runs to the aid of Doris, leaving her cushy west village grad school life for a working class Staten Island existence. We follow all of these characters as their world views are shaken and suddenly all of these disparate New York lives are twisted together in this tragi-comedy of manners, magic and missed connections.-Semi-Finalist, O’Neill Playwrights Conference
-New Voices Festival @ The New Shcool for Drama, dir. Kristin Skye Hoffmann
-Development @ The Orchard Project, dir. Sherri Eden Barber, with Lea Delaria and Valorie Curry

Third Person
4 w / 3 w

When Buck, the silent and stoic patriarch of this middle America family, is struck by lightening, he begins to narrate his life in the third person, dredging up what shouldn’t be dredged.  In this comedy, the truth about family fictions comes to the forefront, as Buck and his household examine the stories they’ve told, how they’ve told them, and what murderous secrets lie underneath.– Nominated for Best New Script at the 2019 Wilde Awards in Michigan!!!!
– World Premiere @ Great Escape Theater, dir. Jennifer Conley Darling, read this review!
– Development @ TerraNova Collective Groundbreakers, @ 59e59, dir. Kimberly Faith Hickman
– Reading @ Bag & Baggage, dir. Matt Pavik

Homos! As the World is Ending!
4 w / 3 m

In this apocalyptic disaster musical, it is the last year of the world, and a rag tag team of misfit homos (-sapiens and -sexuals!) must make it in a beat-up trailer from the Nevada desert to Nova Scotia to survive. But with a team made up of Marlena DeVine, a has been Hollywood starlet who never was, her pot addled son Boom, his weed dealer Lily, her ex-husband action hero How, and How’s boytoy Ty (“cause guy’s like to tie me up!”) and his demure daughter Dottie, will they survive each other?-Developed @ The New School for Drama
-Staged Reading, Fundamental Theatre Project, dir. Krisitn Skye Hoffmann
-Full Production, Fundamental Theatre Project, TBA

Svetlana! Svetlana!
1 m / 1 w

In this wild, absurdist, romantic and historical, a dead playwright recounts the failure of her most recent, and therefore, final play, about the many-chaptered life of Josef Stalin’s daughter, Svetlana. At the same time, the playwright’s ex-boyfriend and grieving director tries to remount the play, with the help of a cat who claims to be the reincarnation of Vladimir Lenin. Performed by two actors, and taking us from New York to the Afterlife, and on Svetlana’s journey from Russia to India to Princeton to Arizona, and finally to Portland, Oregon, You Ruined My Play or, Svetlana! Svetlana! begs the question, do we ever break out of our cycles? Or, are we doomed to repeat our relationships and our choices for all eternity?– Staged Reading, @ Fertile Ground Festival in Portland, 2019, dir. Josh Hecht
– Limited run at Portland Center Stage’s Ellen Bye Stuido in 2022.


Sex Gazebo
1 m / 1 w

Everyone town has a Grechen Hallibash, a girl so stuck, she’d do anything to get free. But when she brings Dieter the haunted Sex Gaezbo, what else is she planning?– Tiny Rhino, dir. Krisitn Skye Hoffmann
– Available on Apparitions Podcast, directed by Robert Gonyo:

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