Script Consulting

Script Consulting is a collaboration.

You have an idea for a screenplay or a rough draft of a play or the seventeenth version of a musical, but something’s just not working!ntzoka-shange

I’ve found over the years of teaching writing and more importantly, being a student of it, that each piece of writing has its own DNA, its own truth at its core.  It’s not about telling you everything that’s wrong with your piece, but about unearthing its essence and then helping you to write furiously towards its best self.

I can’t promise you a perfect piece, but I can promise you that we will uncover or rediscover what you love about the piece, how to make the storytelling clear and most importantly, how to find the joy in the writing of it.

Rates are project-specific, please email me at .

***If you are under 18 or a parent interested in creative writing private sessions for your child, I teach teens and tweens through Writopia Lab,, a non-profit creative workshop for kids. To set up private sessions, please email